The confusion of the People

The proles, also known as the electorate, are desperate to find a candidate who represents their values. They tried Michele Bachmann for a time. Rick Perry was next. Now, it’s Herman Cain. They know it’s not Mitt Romney, the big government, Romneycare flip-flopper representing the Northeast liberal Republican establishment. But the bigwig banksters and party elites are backing him. No surprise there. He’s one of them.

The corporate-owned mainstream media continue to denigrate, dismiss and black out Ron Paul. Paul is the guy who shares their values, though most can’t get past their ingrained prejudices to see it. The elites know his message of liberty, small government and sound monetary policy will resonate with those who pay more than passing attention. That is, people who can turn off “American Idol,” “Survivor” and “Monday Night Football” long enough to actually study who the candidates are and what they stand for beyond a 30-second sound bite.


2 responses to “The confusion of the People

  1. To your point about the mainstream media’s promotion of some candidates over others, I just happened to create a tag cloud (visual display of the words used most often) based on recent LexisNexis news transcripts from both Fox News and MSNBC.

    “Paul” does not appear on MSNBC’s top terms until I expand the rankings to the Top 75, whereas names like “Perry,” “Romney,” and “Cain,” are in the Top 25.

    Much to my surprise, “Paul” does not even make the Top 150 on Fox, and that is as low as my tag cloud tool goes.

    • Odd isn’t it? It’s really too bad, Paul is the only candidate with any fresh ideas which could positively impact this faulty nation.
      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

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