Hundreds of Thousands Slaughtered

Like many people, I am a curious being. Several years into these “wars on terror”, I found myself questioning the death toll. As a Christian and one who values life, I do not support our expansive war quests. Of the many characteristics in the wars, I find one most bothersome – the ignorant hierarchical valuation of human life. Media portrays the 6000-7000 American causalities as incomprehensible. In Iraq and Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of lives have been taken. That is correct, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

I feel sympathy for those American families who have suffered. I really do. But I simply can’t value the soul of one American over the soul of one Iraqi or Afghan. I see no difference in light of eternity. I’m sure some ignorantly hold a disdain for lives in the Middle East, and others simply aren’t aware of the losses outside of our nation. I hope this moves you to lobby against these seemingly infinite wars. They are ending lives, destroying families, and bankrupting this nation!


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