The Tragedy of 9/11 (pt.3)

Pt. 2:

I should begin by stating that I am not sure what occurred on September 11, 2001. There are multiple views to consider when looking at a controversial topic, yet most are stifled by traditional media. I am simply here to discuss known facts and allow others to decipher such events. Everything stated should be researched by the reader to test validity and promote further understanding of the given topics.

The Official Story of 9/11

Several Official findings have been made public:

  1. Nineteen men, part of sleeper cells of Islamic terrorism directed by Osama bin Laden, hijack four jetliners using box-cutters for weapons.
  2. The hijackers fly two of the planes into the Twin Towers.
  3. The hijackers fly the third plane into the Pentagon, later causing part of the building to collapse.
  4. Passengers on the fourth plane attack the hijackers, causing the plane to crash in Pennsylvania.
  5. “The structural damage sustained by each tower from the impact, combined with the ensuing fires, resulted in the total collapse of each building” (FEMA, 2002).
  6. World Trade Center 7 later collapsed due to fire.
I would like to do something different for this third part. I will summarize key points, then provide videos which will reiterate the important topics. I encourage readers to research the summaries further due to the enormous quantity of evidence discrediting the official story.
The Towers were designed to withstand one or more aircraft impacts, hurricane force winds, and earthquakes.
There were considerably worse fires in several other steel framed skyscrapers through the decades. None of those fires resulted in structural failure or collapse. Scientists have overwhelmingly proven that the temperatures of the fires in the Towers could not melt the steel core.
The Collapse:
The Twin Towers have distinct characteristics associated with the collapse. Here are a few:
  1. The cores were obliterated. The gravity collapse scenario cannot account for the complete leveling of the massive columns of the towers’ cores.
  2. The perimeter walls were shredded. The gravity collapse scenario cannot account for the ripping apart of the prefabricated column and spandrel plate unit welds.
  3. Nearly all the concrete was pulverized before hitting the ground, so finely that it blanketed parts of Lower Manhattan with inches of dust. In a gravity collapse, there would not have been enough energy to pulverize the concrete until it hit the ground, if at all.
  4. The towers exploded into immense clouds of dust, which were several times the original volumes of the buildings.
  5. Parts of the towers were thrown 500 feet laterally. Only something explosive could account for the energetic lateral ejection of pieces.
  6. Explosive events were visible before many floors had collapsed. Since pressure exerted from falling top floors is the only possible explanations for the explosive dust plumes emerging from the buildings, the top would have to be falling to produce them in a gravity collapse. But in the South Tower collapse, these energetic dust ejections are first seen while the top is slightly tipping, not in free fall.
  7. The towers’ tops mushroomed into thick dust clouds much larger than the original volumes of the buildings, in a very short span of time. Without the addition of large sources of pressure beyond the collapse itself, the falling buildings and debris should have occupied about the same volume as the intact building.
  8. Explosive ejections of dust, known as squibs, occurred well below the mushrooming region in both of the tower collapses. A gravitational collapse explanation would account for these as dust from floors pancaking well down into the tower’s intact region. But if the floors, the only major non-steel building component, were falling well below the mushrooming cloud above, what was the source of the dense powder in the mushroom clouds?
  9. The halting of rotation of the South Tower’s top as it began its fall can only be explained by its breakup.
  10. The curves of the perimeter wall edges of the South Tower about 2 seconds into its “collapse” show that many stories above the crash zone have been shattered.
  11. The tops fell at near the rate of free fall. The rates of fall indicate that nearly all resistance to the downward acceleration of the tops had been eliminated ahead of them. The many forms of resistance (steel structural components, concrete floors, all other components) in a gravity-driven collapse would have prevented such free fall.
  12. Molten steel was seen falling from the buildings and all along the ground during clean-up efforts. The fires could not have produced temperatures high enough to melt the steel.
  13. Thermite was found throughout the debris during clean-up efforts. Thermite is a high-tech explosive that is used to cut straight through steel. The chemical reaction of thermite also produces enough heat to melt steel.
Building 7:
Media barely mentioned the destruction of World Trade Center Seven.  The 47 story skyscraper, located a block away from the Twin Towers, was not struck by a plane. It exhibited very little structural damage from the Twin Tower fallout, yet it fell; fire was listed as the official cause. These videos are worth my 1000 words. Enjoy!
Stay Tuned!

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