The Tragedy of 9/11 (pt.1)

I should begin by stating that I am not sure what occurred on September 11, 2001. There are multiple views to consider when looking at a controversial topic, yet most are stifled by traditional media. I am simply here to discuss known facts and allow others to decipher such events. Everything stated should be researched by the reader to test validity and promote further understanding of the given topics.

The Official Story of 9/11

Several Official findings have been made public:

  1. Nineteen men, part of sleeper cells of Islamic terrorism directed by Osama bin Laden, hijack four jetliners using box-cutters for weapons.
  2. The hijackers fly two of the planes into the Twin Towers.
  3. The hijackers fly the third plane into the Pentagon, later causing part of the building to collapse.
  4. Passengers on the fourth plane attack the hijackers, causing the plane to crash in Pennsylvania.
  5. “The structural damage sustained by each tower from the impact, combined with the ensuing fires, resulted in the total collapse of each building” (FEMA, 2002).
  6. World Trade Center 7 later collapsed due to fire.

Preceding the Attacks

– Foreknowledge

The South Tower of the World Trade Center was the first skyscraper in the 100-year history of steel-reinforced skyscrapers to collapse as a result of fire damage. A few minutes later, the North Tower of the World Trade Center became the second. It hadn’t happened before that day, nor has it happened since then. Because of this, it is difficult to imagine how anyone could have anticipated that World Trade Center (WTC) 2 would collapse, much less at what time it would collapse, unless its destruction at 9:59 AM was engineered. Yet there are reports of high-level officials receiving warnings of the imminent collapse of WTC 2. Warnings of the collapse of WTC 1 after 9:59 would not be particularly remarkable, since the two towers were damaged in a similar ways, but warnings of the collapse of WTC 7 would be remarkable, since it was not hit by an airplane.

Then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told ABC News that he received a warning that the World Trade Center was about to collapse, a short time before it occurred.

I .. I went down to the scene and we set up a headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna’ to collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for 10, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit, got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.
— ABC News [wmv video]

In an interview published in 2005, EMT Richard Zarillo describes delivering a message from the OEM (Office of Emergency Management) to Fire Marshal Steven Mosiello and Department Chief Peter Ganci:

As I was walking towards the Fire command post, I found Steve Mosiello. I said, Steve, where’s the boss? I have to give him a message. He said, well, what’s the message? I said the buildings are going to collapse; we need to evac everybody out. With a very confused look he said, “Who told you that? I said, I was just with John at OEM. OEM says the buildings are going to collapse; we need to get out.

He escorted me over to Chief Ganci. He said, “Hey, Pete, we got a message that the buildings are going to collapse.” His reply was, “Who the f___ told you that?” Then Steve brought me in and with Chief Ganci, Commissioner Feehan, Steve, I believe Chief Turi was initially there, I said, “Listen, I was just at OEM. The message I was given was that the buildings are going to collapse; we need to get our people out.” At that moment, this thunderous, rolling roar came down and that’s when the building came down, the first tower came down.

— Interview, New York Times

Numerous emergency responders recall either having advanced knowledge or receiving warnings that WTC 7 would collapse. At least 26 such accounts can be found in the ‘oral histories’ — transcripts of interviews with F.D.N.Y. and E.M.S. responders recorded within 5 months of the attack.

WTC 7 Collapse Foreknowledge 

More than one television network prematurely reported the collapse of WTC 7. The BBC unequivocally reported the collapse starting about 23 minutes before it occurred. CNN made the announcement about an hour before the building collapsed. A review of archived footage of television stations in the Washington D.C. area shows that, of five stations including affiliates of ABCNBC, and CBS, only the BBC and CNN made premature announcements of the collapse, and those were separated by 35 minutes. This weighs against suggestions that the premature announcements reflect pre-written reports of the collapse posted on wire services. Live footage of the false reports can be seen at this link:

Premature Announcements on Television Broadcasts

Several high-ranking Pentagon officials, cousin of Former President G.W. Bush, San Fransisco Mayor Willie Brown, and a number of worthwhile business leaders managed to luckily avoid the disaster. Flights were canceled, meetings were moved, warnings were issued, and plans were changed to avoid flying or meeting at the World Trade Centers:

For 40 years prior to 9/11/01, a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule had allowed commercial airlines pilots to carry firearms in the cockpit. The rule was adopted in the wake of the 1961 Cuban Missile Crisis as a measure to prevent hijackings. Just two months before 9/11/01, the FAA rescinded the rule. According to Jon Dougherty, reporter, the FAA failed to return numerous calls requesting an explanation for the rule change. 

Armed pilots banned 2 months before 9-11

New York Newsday documented the removal of bomb-sniffing dogs just five days before the attack. This coupled with decreased security despite security warnings just weeks before.

Funny Financials

There were several surprising moves in the stock of companies which would be affected by the 9/11 events, shortly before they commenced. Examination of options trading in the 10 days prior to the attack reveals distinct patterns. Large volumes of put (sell) options were purchased for companies that would be crippled by the attack, such as American Airlines and United Airlines, Merrill Lynch & Co., and Morgan Stanley.

Insider Trading Apparently Based on Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks 

Profiting From Disaster? 

Conversely, large volumes of call (buy) options were purchased for Raytheon, a defense contracting company whose stock would soar in the wake of the attack.

Bank of America among 38 stocks in SEC’s attack probe  Bloomberg News

Reports state that credit card transactions, which may have amounted to more than $100 million, were processed by computers in the Twin Towers in the minutes before the planes crashed on 9/11/01. Oddly enough, they weren’t traced to the “terrorists”.

Computer disk drives from WTC could yield clues 

The World Trade Center, whose construction began in the 1960s, was managed by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey through mid-2001. Then, just six weeks before the attack, control was transferred to a consortium of private companies led by Silverstein Properties, which secured insurance policies specifically covering terrorist attacks.

Controlling Interests: Ownership, Control, and Insurance of The World Trade Center 

On September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to disclose that over $2,000,000,000,000 in Pentagon funds could not be accounted for. Rumsfeld stated: “According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions.” The ensuing “War on Terror” provided a platform to continue spending and keep the public mind occupied.

Much more to come.


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  2. This video makes quite a good case for the official story.

    Transcript and sources for the video above can be found here

    Otherwise if you can afford to spare a further 26 seconds of your busy day, try examining this footage.

    (What will history make of us all?)

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