Steer Clear of Herman Cain

With Herman Cain now receiving some attention among GOP candidates, we should examine his political record. While Mr. Cain is not the worst candidate for the office of presidency, he certainly isn’t the best. Let me give you the facts:

  • He blindly support TARP and the government bailouts of 2008. He also endorsed the Bush administration’s intervening and condemned the free market supporters who called for honesty and sound money. I won’t support a man who favors the bailing out of crooks and cronies at the expense of hard-working individuals.

  • This man thinks the patriot act is 90% correct. On the whole, he thinks it is effective and necessary. The patriot act might be the greatest infringements on human liberties in the history of this nation.

  • 2005-2006, Herman denied the housing bubble and the decline of the American economy claiming ignorance on the part of those supporting sound money. How ignorant could you be?

  • After serving as the Head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve branch, Mr. Cain does not support an audit of the Fed. This shows his similarities to the crooks running Washington D.C. today.
Why support this man? You have the champion of liberty running against him. Someone who has supported liberty and freedom in all aspects of life for more than 30 years. The one, the only, Dr. Ron Paul

How to fix America

Have Americans read Dr. Ron Paul’s written plan for the country? Are Americans ready to upset the apple cart in a controlled and methodical way for the betterment of the greater good? The main source I am referencing here is Dr. Ron Paul‘s website, so that we can debate his priorities and proposed approaches. I have paraphrased items from his site; however, I encourage the reader to thoroughly review all the links.

Here is Dr. Ron Paul’s 11-point plan:

11. Energy Independence: Eliminate the federal gas tax of $0.18 per gallon and eliminate the EPA, allowing prosecution of polluters to answer to citizens, not Washington, and allowing coal, oil, nuclear and other forms of energy to be safely explored.

10. Education: Dr. Paul would like to see the U.S. Department of Education return its powers to the states and parents. He proposes and intends to give parents a $5,000 tax credit per child for kids K-12 to help with all the costs of education. He is supportive of home-schooling and will veto legislation that interferes with parents choosing to home-school their children.

9. Workers’ Rights: Dr. Ron Paul is against forcing workers to join unions and pay dues if they do not want to, citing the $8 billion that union leaders bring in annually that is often given to political candidates. He does not want workers forced to belong to unions or to be under union control against their will.

8. Protect Gun Rights: Protecting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. Here is an example of a town that required each head of household to own a gun. This policy resulted in decreased crime.

7. Heath Care: Dr. Ron Paul will repeal Obamacare, allow for tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses and not allow money that belongs in Medicare or Medicaid to be misused for other purposes. He will protect the privacy of American citizens’ medical records from the federal government, remove barriers for all citizens to have HSAs and keep the FDA out of vitamins and alternative treatments. Also, he wants to provide payroll deductions for terminal illnesses and caregivers.

6. Pro-Life Issue: Here is the one fact all Americans need to know. Dr. Paul is the only Republican candidate who has said, “So while Roe v. Wade is invalid, a federal law banning abortion across all 50 states would be equally invalid.” Abortion is one of the most divisive issues and may always be a divisive issue as long as Americans have freedom of religion and the right to be, think and feel differently. Dr. Ron Paul may be personally pro-life; however, his voting record indicates that, even if a bill attempting to make abortion illegal federally in the U.S. were passed by the House and Senate, Dr. Paul would veto the bill as unconstitutional. Which other Republican candidate has a track record to indicate that? Would Dr. Paul look to put pro-life judges on the Supreme Court bench? Probably as much as past Republican presidents. The current Democratic President has recently placed two women on the Supreme Court, and new Justices are appointed only when a Justice dies or retires. Six Republican Presidential candidates have already signed the Susan B. Anthony List 2012. Dr. Ron Paul is the safest Republican candidate because he would veto anti-abortion bills at the federal level and support states that chose to protect women’s reproductive rights. His other strong Constitution-based reforms outweigh the small risk that Roe v. Wade would be overturned during his term, returning the power to the states, who can then protect women’s reproductive rights, as Vermont has. Would he truly respect the states’ rights on this, considering his strong personal stand? Many progressive states have anti-abortion laws on their books that are not enforceable due to Roe v. Wade. So far, Dr. Paul has written bills to make it possible for statesto make abortion illegal in the Sanctity of Life bill. He wrote the We the People Act, which, if passed, would render Roe v. Wade invalid and return powers to the states. He signed the Susan B. Anthony list, which describes federally defunding all abortions and Planned Parenthood. If Dr. Paul can fix the economic mess, is the slight chance that Roe v. Wade would be rendered invalid something Americans are willing risk for the betterment of the country in many other important areas? We will not ever go back to a time before birth control, morning-after pillsRU 486, the Internet and other advancements. Certain states, even with Roe v. Wade, are extremely restrictive.

5. Immigration: In Dr. Paul’s own words:

Immigration reform should start with improving our border protection, yet it was reported last week that the federal government has approved the recruitment of 120 of our best trained Border Patrol agents to go to Iraq to train Iraqis how to better defend their borders! This comes at a time when the National Guard troops participating in Operation Jump Start are being removed from border protection duties in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas and preparing to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan! It is an outrage and it will result in our borders being more vulnerable to illegal entry, including by terrorists.

Also, we need to take serious steps to prevent terrorists from gaining easy access to targets on our soil. Quite alarmingly, even with the knowledge that the 19 terrorist hijackers entered our country legally, and that 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia , student visas from terrorist sponsoring countries are still far too easily obtained. In a baffling move President Bush struck a deal with Saudi King Abdullah in 2005 to allow 21,000 more Saudi young men into the US on student Visas. Of course, not all students from terror sponsoring countries are terrorists, but I place a higher premium on the security of the American people than the convenience of citizens of hostile countries. We should not be making the goals of would-be terrorists easier to accomplish, but rather should be vigilant about defending against enemies at every turn. They should not be slipping through our doors so easily, using our immigration laws against us, and that is why I proposed the Terror Immigration Elimination Act (HR 3217) to toughen standards for VISAS from countries on the State Department’s list of terrorist sponsoring countries in addition to Saudi Arabia . Just as you decide who to invite to a dinner party in your home, we should be in charge of who we allow in this country, without apology.


Both the Bush administration and congressional leadership have promised to spend the next two months addressing national security issues. But real national security cannot be achieved unless and until our borders are physically secured. It’s as simple as that. All the talk about fighting terror and making America safer is meaningless without border security. It makes no sense to seek terrorists abroad if our own front door is left unlocked.

In short, Dr. Paul’s plan is to secure the border, end amnesty, abolish welfare to illegal immigrants, end birthright citizenship and protect lawful immigrants.

4. National Defense: Dr. Paul’s approach is simple. He believes in a strong national defense and is against militarism — in other words, protect the U.S. but do not police the world and require congressional approval before declaring war. The last time the U.S. formally declared war wasWorld War II in 1941Dr. Paul would bring the troops home to protect America. Dr. Paul said he would get the troops home as soon as the ships would get here. He is the largest recipient of donations from soldiers in the U.S. military, getting 71 percent of all military donations.

3. Taxes: Dr. Paul would support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that abolishes income and death taxes. Ideally, he’d like to close the IRS. He would seek to repeal capital gains taxes and reduce then abolish taxes on Social Security. Before a flat or fair tax would be implemented, Dr. Paul would ensure that the 16th Amendment, which made income taxation legal, would be repealed so we don’t end up with both.

2. End the Fed: The Fed was created in a time of turmoil and seems similar to the Patriot Act in that it was done from a position of hysteria, not logical and rational decision-making. The U.S. Constitution is considered such a well thought-through document as it was drafted in a time of peace rather than as a reaction to a panic. Documents and policies that are reviewed and seen in the light of day by calm, rational people tend to be better for the long-term wellness of the people than policies passed quickly in an emotional, reactive and hurried manner. Dr. Paul equates the Fed with deeply-in-debt parents sending their teenagers out with credit cards and blank checks. Dr. Paul’s ultimate goal would be to see the Fed end, yet he would not act rashly. What his focus would be is a full and complete audit of the Fed, as Congress is currently unable to audit the Fed. Dr. Paulwould commit to passing legislation that requires transparency and accountability from the Fed. At this time, the Fed can keep secret to whom they are lending trillions of taxpayers’ dollars. If the Fed is handling American money responsibly, for what reason would they refuse to open their books? We American citizens are all subject to audits from the IRS, but the U.S. central bank is not? Please take three minutes to watch this amazing video of Bernie Sanders asking Ben Bernanke, where $2.2 trillion of taxpayer money is. Bernanke will not answer the question and will not disclose where $2.2 trillion went, and he doesn’t have to.

1. Economy: Dr. Paul’s plan is to audit the Fed, veto any unbalanced budget and refuse to raise the debt ceiling. He is also committed to getting rid of self-dealing and corruption in D.C. Additionally, he will eliminate income taxes, capital gains taxes and death taxes. It would be a breath of fresh air to have the Fed audited and wasteful government spending eliminated, and to actually be able to keep more of the money we make. America’s debt did not come out of nowhere. In 2008, the U.S. had spent $3 trillion on the war in Iraq. The current costs are at $3.2 to $4 trillion. How much did we vote to increase the debt ceiling? We raised the $14.3-trillion debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion, to $16.7 trillion on Aug. 2, 2011. Here is a great 10-minute video with Dr. Paul clearly stating how, if elected president in 2012, he would balance the budget in one year.

In this discussion, I request that emotional reactions and sarcasm be set aside. The goal is an accurate, clear and truthful dialogue. We are blessed with a group of knowledgeable Americans making comments here. What I want to suggest is that we discuss what is best for the greater good for our country, not just for ourselves.

Any presidential choice we make involves a risk. Is he lying and manipulating to win the election, or is he honest? Will she serve American citizens ethically and honorably as president? The U.S. Constitution was created to unite the states in our country in certain crucial areas, like national defense, while allowing states their autonomy and uniqueness. In the spirit of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, good character is the most essential quality to bring to our government. Dr. Paulcombines solid character and backbone with seasoned wisdom and experience. He has not compromised the values and principles that America holds dear.

If you are not going to register as a Republican and vote for Dr. Ron Paul in the primary, who do you think is better, and for what reasons? Don’t state what you dislike about Dr. Paul’s plan. It is easy to shoot someone’s ideas down.

Written by Laura Trice:

Why I believe the Bible

Do you believe the Bible is accurate? Ask a professing Christian that question and you will likely be rewarded with a decisive, Of Course! Probe a bit further and things become shaky. Continue pressing the the issue by asking why, and things get ugly.  Some will say, “I was raised that way.”  Others may reply in honesty, “I don’t know why; I just do.”  Many, however, proclaim, “I tried it and it worked for me.” None of these answers give sufficient reason. 1 Peter 3:15 instructs to be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is in you. The Greek word Peter employs here (apologia) means to give a well-reasoned, verbal defense of one’s position. Pastor Voddie Baucham does an excellent job summarizing Biblical accuracy with the following statement:

“I choose to believe the Bible because it is a reliable collection of historical documents, written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses.  They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies, and they claim to be divine rather than human in origin.”

Please, listen to Dr. Baucham’s full reasoning behind believing Scripture. It is excellent.

Hundreds of Thousands Slaughtered

Like many people, I am a curious being. Several years into these “wars on terror”, I found myself questioning the death toll. As a Christian and one who values life, I do not support our expansive war quests. Of the many characteristics in the wars, I find one most bothersome – the ignorant hierarchical valuation of human life. Media portrays the 6000-7000 American causalities as incomprehensible. In Iraq and Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of lives have been taken. That is correct, hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

I feel sympathy for those American families who have suffered. I really do. But I simply can’t value the soul of one American over the soul of one Iraqi or Afghan. I see no difference in light of eternity. I’m sure some ignorantly hold a disdain for lives in the Middle East, and others simply aren’t aware of the losses outside of our nation. I hope this moves you to lobby against these seemingly infinite wars. They are ending lives, destroying families, and bankrupting this nation!

The Tragedy of 9/11 (pt.3)

Pt. 2:

I should begin by stating that I am not sure what occurred on September 11, 2001. There are multiple views to consider when looking at a controversial topic, yet most are stifled by traditional media. I am simply here to discuss known facts and allow others to decipher such events. Everything stated should be researched by the reader to test validity and promote further understanding of the given topics.

The Official Story of 9/11

Several Official findings have been made public:

  1. Nineteen men, part of sleeper cells of Islamic terrorism directed by Osama bin Laden, hijack four jetliners using box-cutters for weapons.
  2. The hijackers fly two of the planes into the Twin Towers.
  3. The hijackers fly the third plane into the Pentagon, later causing part of the building to collapse.
  4. Passengers on the fourth plane attack the hijackers, causing the plane to crash in Pennsylvania.
  5. “The structural damage sustained by each tower from the impact, combined with the ensuing fires, resulted in the total collapse of each building” (FEMA, 2002).
  6. World Trade Center 7 later collapsed due to fire.
I would like to do something different for this third part. I will summarize key points, then provide videos which will reiterate the important topics. I encourage readers to research the summaries further due to the enormous quantity of evidence discrediting the official story.
The Towers were designed to withstand one or more aircraft impacts, hurricane force winds, and earthquakes.
There were considerably worse fires in several other steel framed skyscrapers through the decades. None of those fires resulted in structural failure or collapse. Scientists have overwhelmingly proven that the temperatures of the fires in the Towers could not melt the steel core.
The Collapse:
The Twin Towers have distinct characteristics associated with the collapse. Here are a few:
  1. The cores were obliterated. The gravity collapse scenario cannot account for the complete leveling of the massive columns of the towers’ cores.
  2. The perimeter walls were shredded. The gravity collapse scenario cannot account for the ripping apart of the prefabricated column and spandrel plate unit welds.
  3. Nearly all the concrete was pulverized before hitting the ground, so finely that it blanketed parts of Lower Manhattan with inches of dust. In a gravity collapse, there would not have been enough energy to pulverize the concrete until it hit the ground, if at all.
  4. The towers exploded into immense clouds of dust, which were several times the original volumes of the buildings.
  5. Parts of the towers were thrown 500 feet laterally. Only something explosive could account for the energetic lateral ejection of pieces.
  6. Explosive events were visible before many floors had collapsed. Since pressure exerted from falling top floors is the only possible explanations for the explosive dust plumes emerging from the buildings, the top would have to be falling to produce them in a gravity collapse. But in the South Tower collapse, these energetic dust ejections are first seen while the top is slightly tipping, not in free fall.
  7. The towers’ tops mushroomed into thick dust clouds much larger than the original volumes of the buildings, in a very short span of time. Without the addition of large sources of pressure beyond the collapse itself, the falling buildings and debris should have occupied about the same volume as the intact building.
  8. Explosive ejections of dust, known as squibs, occurred well below the mushrooming region in both of the tower collapses. A gravitational collapse explanation would account for these as dust from floors pancaking well down into the tower’s intact region. But if the floors, the only major non-steel building component, were falling well below the mushrooming cloud above, what was the source of the dense powder in the mushroom clouds?
  9. The halting of rotation of the South Tower’s top as it began its fall can only be explained by its breakup.
  10. The curves of the perimeter wall edges of the South Tower about 2 seconds into its “collapse” show that many stories above the crash zone have been shattered.
  11. The tops fell at near the rate of free fall. The rates of fall indicate that nearly all resistance to the downward acceleration of the tops had been eliminated ahead of them. The many forms of resistance (steel structural components, concrete floors, all other components) in a gravity-driven collapse would have prevented such free fall.
  12. Molten steel was seen falling from the buildings and all along the ground during clean-up efforts. The fires could not have produced temperatures high enough to melt the steel.
  13. Thermite was found throughout the debris during clean-up efforts. Thermite is a high-tech explosive that is used to cut straight through steel. The chemical reaction of thermite also produces enough heat to melt steel.
Building 7:
Media barely mentioned the destruction of World Trade Center Seven.  The 47 story skyscraper, located a block away from the Twin Towers, was not struck by a plane. It exhibited very little structural damage from the Twin Tower fallout, yet it fell; fire was listed as the official cause. These videos are worth my 1000 words. Enjoy!
Stay Tuned!